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The axle assembly of a vehicle includes:

- The main and steering axles

- The differential, where power is taken from both axles and sent to one or more of the wheels

- Any additional components such as driveshafts or transmissions

When vehicles are designed, engineers must balance traction with weight. Engineers use simulations to design a vehicle's center of gravity at its lowest possible point to achieve this balance. It is important for vehicles to remain within these tolerances in order for them not only to safely operate but also for them not to lose traction when driving on snow or ice. During assembly, come assemblies like axles will be tested with different combinations of weight loads until they are found that can be used in this manner.

Axle Assembly - This refers to the axle shafts that are found at the front of an FWD vehicle, and at the rear of an AWD car or SUV. They do not support any vehicle weight - they just transfer power from the engine to the wheel. CV Axle - CV stands for Constant Velocity.

Live Axle - This type of axle transfers power from the engine to the wheels, and also supports the weight of the vehicle. The term mostly refers to the axles found at the rear of pickup trucks, and some specialty cars, such as the Mustang. Live axles have a differential in the middle of the axle. (Live axles were also commonly used under rear-wheel-drive sedans before they went out of fashion.)

Dead Axle - This type of axle is not connected to the engine. It just supports the vehicle, and the hubs and wheels connect to it. Dead axles are found under the rear of some older minivans and in newer front-wheel-drive delivery vans. They look like a simple steel beams with a hub on each end.

CV Axle - CV stands for Constant Velocity. CV Axles are a type of axle assembly that is only found in the front of the vehicle. They have a unique design that allows the front wheels to turn to the right or left, while they still deliver power smoothly.

To sum it up, the axle assembly's main purpose in an FWD or AWD vehicle is to deliver power to the wheels. In a truck or van, an alive or dead axle will also support the vehicle's weight.

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