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We specialize in providing good condition used and remanufactured transmissions at a very affordable price as compared to the market, find your preferred transmission with us because we have the one of largest inventory in the country. Our transmissions are affordable but quality is never compromised.



Vehicle Transmissions are an important part of any vehicle. They work to control the movement and direction of the power transmitted through them. A Transmission can be a manual one, or a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Manual-Transmission cars have only one gear ratio, while CVTs have many. You may have heard that CVTs are much more efficient than conventional manual-transmission cars, but they also require careful attention because they can’t be stopped when you need to shift gears like in a manual car.

The Transmission is arguably the most important powertrain component on any vehicle. Without a reliable transmission, drivers can find themselves stranded. When a transmission fails, it’s important that your shop be able to provide your customers with a range of solutions to their needs. One of those is to offer the option of a rebuilt transmission. Rebuilt transmissions give excellent durability and operation, but they’re more cost-effective than new transmissions.

Whether you’re talking about Rebuilt Automatic Transmissions or a Rebuilt Manual Transmission, the rebuilding process involved is similar. In essence, these transmissions have been fully disassembled, cleaned, inspected, tested, and then reassembled after all the worn and faulty components have been replaced. It’s not quite as in-depth as the process used with remanufacturing a transmission, but it does ensure that all the faulty elements have been replaced by good ones. Rebuilt transmissions for sale offer excellent operability and longevity for your customers as well.

In terms of cost, rebuilt transmission prices fall in between new transmissions and used transmissions. This makes them the ideal option for the majority of your customers.

Rebuilt Transmissions for sale are an excellent option for a number of reasons. You may be repairing a vehicle for an owner who doesn’t want to pay for a new transmission but wants better longevity and more peace of mind than is available with most used transmissions. You might be working with an extended warranty company that allows rebuilt transmissions to be used for repairs, but not new transmissions. You might even be a consumer repairing your own vehicle and searching for the most cost-effective, dependable automatic or manual transmission for sale. In all of these instances, a rebuilt transmission is an ideal solution.

Whether you’re searching for Ford Rebuilt or Manual or Automatic Transmissions for sale to fit any other domestic or import vehicle, Allusedengines has the exact equipment you need. We provide OEM-specific rebuilt transmissions, and our rebuilding process is of the highest quality in the industry. Our experienced technicians replace all damaged components, including soft components like seals and clutches. All hard components are inspected before the tech thoroughly cleans the entire system and tests it fully. What that means for you is that you can buy rebuilt transmissions for sale secure in the knowledge that you’re giving your customers the best possible equipment for the best price.

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